STM HYNT hardshell case for Macbook pro 15inch

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STM HYNT hardshell case for Macbook pro

STM HYNT hardshell case for Macbook pro a clear winner. A combination of two transparent materials – polycarbonate and TPU – provide the maximum level of protection while allowing the beauty of your device to shine through.

Please note this case only fits the MacBook Pro released late in 2016.

  • ClearView polycarbonate allows full visual access to your device
  • EdgeGuard features internal, clear TPU that protects from inadvertent bumps, and scratches
  • Sandblasted metal badge with etched logo complements the materials, appearance, and feel of your MacBook Pro
  • Textured rubber Friction Feet prevent your laptop from sliding on smooth surfaces
  • Open hinge design structure allows your MacBook Pro to breathe and cool itself freely
  • Strong and flexible bumper makes it easy to insert and remove your laptop

MacBook Pro 15″ (2016)
main material(s): 100% TPU with Polycarbonate
device dimensions: L 24.07 x W 34.93 x H 1.55 cm / L 9.48 x W 13.75 x H 0.61 in
capacity: L 24.86 x W 35.78 x H 1.85 cm / L 9.79 x W 14.07 x D 0.73 in
weight: .91 lbs / 0.413 kg

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