Rock Space Sterilazer

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UV Disinfection 99,9%
5 Minutes Quick Sterilization
Support Wireless Charging
Sterilize Whatever Fits

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Rock Space Sterilazer


Presentation: rock space UV Sterilizer EN 4.3 V

5-Minute Sterilize
It can sterlize more thourghly with fast Speed killing more than 99,9% of the germs in 5 minutes!

Wireless Charge Phone Stand
The wireless quick charge function enables you to enjoy a movie while charging.

Compact Design, Portable Size
As light as a kindle after folding, it enables you to enjoy safe sterilization anytime and anywhere working with a power bank!

Expandable Design 1L Volume
You can sterilize whatever fits inside: mobile phone, power bank, earphone, charger cable, Ornament and other daily-used items.

Smart Protection Safe & Secure
With a built-in gravity angle sensor, the ultraviolet light will be off automatically when the tilt angle of the upper cover is above 50degrees, which protects your eyes from UV light!




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