Swich -Qi Charger (black or white)

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– Qi wireless charging stand for smart devices
– Wooden and ceramic structure- Microsuction holding surface
– User friendly 45° inclination
– View angle- Both way 90° rotatable charging pad- Firm and stable positioning

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Swich -Qi Charger

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Featured in fine ceramics and resilient wood, these mobile accessories broke boundaries of design in the world of technology and wireless charging.

  • Efficiency (up to 90%)
  • input voltage (5V)
  • maximum permissible values of the input current and voltage (5.5V 1.3A)
  • limiting value of the output current (1A)
  • Dimensions: 13,6 x 7,4 x 13,4 cm

SWICH is the only wireless charger that allows a firm microsuction-structured grip added with a vertical/horizontal shifting wireless charging pad, so you are free to use the phone during charging time. The pad shifting in both directions for 90 degrees is placing the screen from vertical to horizontal.

Our world is in need of smart accessories adding character and intelligence to both our working and living space. Where innovative technology meets high-end design and organic materials. The wireless smartphone accessory is a new and improved way to power your phone. Your mobile phone routine will benefit from the simplicity enabled by SWICH wireless charging.

Instantly compatible with smartphones that carry the Qi wireless charging technology and can be paired with phones that do not support the Qi standard with a wireless charging receiver patch/case.

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