Sahaga POP@work PRO

CHF229.00 inkl. MWSt.

  • Hearing protection with DAB+ and FM
  • Bluetooth
  • Hygiene set – replaceable earmuffs
  • Waterproof (IPX4)
  • Robust and solid construction
  • Line in and microphone
  • PPE certified
  • Energy saving mode
  • Adjustable size (S/M/L)
  • Rechargeable batter

UVP: CHF 229

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Sahaga POP@work PRO

Sahaga POP@work PRO is a PPE certified hearing protection with DAB+ and FM. It also has a microphone and Bluetooth for using the handsfree function and for streaming your own music and listen to it through POP@work PRO. The hearing protection has a solid construction and it is water resistant (IPX4). It also has a practical display showing the time, battery percentage and channel name. POP@work PRO has an audio input, so that you can connect for example your phone and listen to your favorite songs through the hearing protection. It has replaceable earmuffs, hygiene set, which can be purchased separately. POP@work PRO has a rechargeable battery and lasts for up to 8 hours. It also has an energy saving mode.


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