Sahaga POPup2 DAB+/FM Radio

CHF79.00 inkl. MWSt.

  • DAB+ / FM
  • Clock Radio function
  • Kitchen Timer
  • Color Display
  • Backround light dimmer



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Sahaga POPup2 DAB+/FM Radio


Sahaga POPup2 DAB+/FM Radio is the ultimate bedroom clock radio. It has DAB+, FM and presets for your favorite stations. It also has 2 individual alarms, sleep and snooze. POPup2 has a headphone output and a manual background light dimmer. It also has a color display with an analog clock in standby mode and a kitchen timer/egg timer. You can choose between DAB+, FM and alarm tone for your alarm sound. POPup2 plays on 220V.

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