RoadEyes recONE Dashcam

CHF99.00 inkl. MWSt.

  • Roadeyes mobile application
  • FULL HD camera
  • Automatic and continuous recording
  • Rear viewgyroscopic sensor
  • Community
  • 150° wide angle
  • From -20° to +70°c
  • Video playback and live streaming
  • Photo and video editing
  • Social media sharing
  • Full HD video & 2mp photo resolution
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Integrated microphone
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Roadeye recONE Dashcam

The Roadeye recONE Dashcam Equipped with built-in WiFi and a a wide angle camera. RecONE seamlessly connects to smartphones and records driving journeys in full high definition (Full HD).

Once installed, recONE is fully automated and starts recording in full HD as soon as the engine is turned on. recONE has a 150° wide viewing angle for maximum visibility, capturing a wide view of roads, events and landscapes. It takes both photos and videos and saves them in the micro-SD card. To help users avoid many hours of manually removing their content. RecONE automatically records over the oldest files when its memory card fills up. While recording, the integrated gyro sensor is activated to automatically detect shocks in case of sudden braking or collision; making the video files secure and non-erasable on the micro-SD card.

This allows drivers to keep tabs on themselves or save and share interesting driving ‘stories’ through the ‘Road- Eyes App’. A dedicated mobile application compatible with iOS and Android. Whether it comes to witnessing an unusual scene, a beautiful landscape upon reaching a destination, these can be communicated to the user’s contacts on email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – putting an end to the concept of driving alone. The footages are securely saved onto the smartphone and stored in the Cloud.

The application is aimed to be a social network of drivers as well as a platform to share interesting content (e.g. driving anecdotes, recommended locations, places of interest, noteworthy routes etc.)

Being Wi-Fi enabled, recONE users can easily control, manage and configure the settings of the dashcam from their smartphones.


Automatic & continuous recording

Always on, recONE records your journey as soon you’re turning on your engine. Never miss a moment or an event. The required microSD card is managing automatically your storage and overwriting oldest recordings when at full capacity.

Travel with connected drivers

Never alone in your car! Whether your crossing a wonderful national park or simply driving up to your favorite ski resort, you can simply share amazing HD footages with the RoadEyes community straight from your smartphone and enjoy around the world members’ contributions

Rear view

recONE perfectly complements your original RoadEyes setup* as a rear camera to offer a complete video coverage while on the road, transforming the pair into a dual dashcam combo like no other.