REVO SuperTone

Alongside wireless Bluetooth® connectivity with Qualcomm® aptX™, SuperTone is equipped with a large array of physical connectors including 3.5mm headphone jack, AUX-IN, digital optical in and stereo RCA in, allowing connection of a variety of devices including CD players, turntables and Sonos equipment. SuperTone even includes a USB connector to allow simultaneous charging of your smartphone or tablet device.

  • Bluetooth 4.2 with Qualcomm aptX
  • Twin flat panel BMR speaker drivers
  • 40 watt subwoofer
  • Extensive connectivity option
  • 80 watt Class-D amplifier
  • USB device charging

UVP: CHF 499


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REVO SuperTone

In a plastic world of endless and seemingly semi-disposable Bluetooth® speaker products, SuperTone is an oasis, delivering a timeless mix of authenticity, quality materials and acclaimed acoustic engineering.
Its mid-century inspired design belies the cutting-edge audio electronics that lie within its handsome hand-crafted American walnut casework. The use of high quality anodised T6 aluminium for the front fascia and speaker grille, pressing steel for the back plate, and CNC machined aluminium bass, treble and volume controls further inject a reassuring tactility and sense of honesty that cannot be achieved with lesser materials.

Beating at the acoustic heart of the system is an 80 watt Class-D amplifier, twin 3.5” BMR flat-panel speakers and a 6” ported subwoofer. Acoustically engineered to provide the soundtrack in spaces large and small, SuperTone creates rich digital audio, tight controlled bass and an extended listening sweet-spot. Perfect for a wide range of musical styles, from rock and jazz to R&B, acoustic and spoken word, all rendered with a richness that leaves a lasting impression.




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